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There's no doubt that what we do comes back to us like a boomerang. But not always with the result we expect.

The first time I actually threw a boomerang, I expected it to come back to me. To my surprise, it shot away like a rocket - pitched downward, bounced off the ground and ricocheted off my neighbor's house!

The same thing happens to the actions, decisions and choices we make. Sometimes they pitch, bounce and ricochet, and we end up with results we didn't expect.

Seek Your Best...the Rang Way™

Overcoming challenges takes more than just a positive attitude. It takes thinking differently, acting differently and choosing differently. We call it the Rang Way™: Tuning, Technique and Tenacity.

Check out the videos for more on this.

Frequently Asked

What are Boomerang Concepts™?
Self-leadership strategies that align your actions, decisions and choices with being at your best.
What is the boomerang about?
The boomerang represents our ability to return the results we want through our actions, decisions and choices.
What is the Rang Way™?
The Rang Way™ is an approach for improving our circumstances and overcoming the challenges we face on a daily basis.
How does the Rang Way™ help you?
It puts you in control when you feel stuck in your circumstances.

What is the key to personal and business success?
Perspective. Without perspective, we lose the ability to lead not only ourselves but those around us.
What is the single biggest factor that keeps us from success?
Finding fault outside of ourselves for where we are. It leaves us powerless and unable to change our situation.
What is the single biggest factor that negatively impacts business results?
Blaming. It diminishes trust, weakens commitment and erodes standards. This lack of leadership at any level compounds problems.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

"You truly exceeded my expectations. Not only was your material relevant, your delivery was delightful - and our attendees truly 'got it.' Jim, you were definitely a hit!"

Marcy P. - Manager National Customer Service Center
Blue Cross Blue Shield

"Your seminars are simply fabulous and our association has gained valuable insight into becoming a Boomerang Leader. You are motivating, captivating, and entertaining. Thanks for all you do for all business leaders!"

Connie B. - President
Powder Springs Business Association

"Jim quickly understood our organization and our communication and management issues. He is perceptive, entertaining, approachable and has an almost magical way of connecting with his audience!"

Dr. Robert F.
Medical Center of Central Georgia

"Jim has knowledge and referent power as well. He demonstrated mastery of the content and respect for the participants. Great combinations!"

Gloria W. - Director of Human Resources
Pierce, Hamilton & Stern

"Excellent! Thank you! You certainly are a wonderful speaker. I was especially impressed by your down-to-earth understanding of how to integrate integrity with reality."

Sherry A. - Manager of Business Operations
World Savings

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